Your valentine dress code

ImageYour valentine dress code:

In a fix, to decide what to wear for your special valentine’s date. Well you have to get stuck with the option of a bright red dress. Here are some dress up tips which can help you create an impact with a twist, on that special rendezvous.
    • Rose based floral prints: Roses are a big trend associated with the valentine’s day occasion, and what can better than having them as a part of a floral print on dresses, princess cut tops , scarves or shrugs.  Famous celebs who  adopted the trend including four weddings and a funeral star Andie Mc Dowel, who was recently scene donning a Burberry printed dress teamed with a fuchsia trench coat, definitely proved that the trend is not only in vogue, but one to be adapted by different age groups.
    • Go for the spectrum of red and pink: If you want to go for a solid color option, rather than prints try shades of baby pink, wine, pastel red, maroon and brick pink. These colors are not only subtle, but give more scope for accessorizing as well. Dull shades can look good for dresses with daring cuts and unique textures of pleats, pin ticks and smocking.
    • Bring the red to other aspects of clothing: Who said that the celebrated color of love had to be a part of your dress only ? You can team up you classic LBD with red pumps or a pink belt. Heart shaped inspired clutches, bracelets, brooches and earrings can also bring the right amount of panache to a basic regular attire be it a simple tee and pair of jeans to formal work wear.

Ralph Lauren printed rose floral scarf from my wardrobe


Left Below ( A ruby encrusted heart shaped  brooche) Right (Solid red pump)


Below (Self designed  wine shade dress with cotton silk fabric)



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