Pearls, pearls, everywhere

pearl titlepealy

If you want to make a statement with jewelry, there is nothing better than a string of pearls. Probably one of the most  popular adornment pieces in the world, pearl necklaces have been worn in different styles, with a reflection of influences from different cultures and civilizations. Pearl necklaces were more than just a style statement, rather they were even looked upon as symbols of opulence, class and rank. European women were known to adorn themselves with pearl necklaces of different lengths, from the classic choker size to that of the long pearl rope and opera styles.  In India heavy necklaces comprising strands of pearls were carried of both by men and women with equal panache.  Malabar royalty would be sported with a unique type of necklace combining a strand of about 104 rubies with pearls of different shapes. The pearl necklace was in fact an important wedding accessory for most brides of Maratha realm.

indian pearl necklace (An Indian style pearl necklace, set  with emeralds and rubies)

Many fashion icons  have embraced the pearl necklace with personal style aesthetics. During the 1940s and 1960s, the pearl necklace trend  had embarked an evolution of fusion. One of the most renowned style icons to have blended western aesthetics   of the pearl necklace with Indian attire, was Maharani Gayatri  Devi, thus coming in parallel with Coco channel.

gayatridevi(A picture of Maharani Gayatri Devi)

coco channel(Coco Channel in her signature LBD adorn with a multiple pearl strand necklace)

Often cited as one of the most beautiful women of her era, the Maharani would pair a strand of pearls with her French chiffon sarees.  This look went on to be a classic look , followed the contemporary Indian women for times to come .It also  served as the inspiration for Karishma kapoor in the movie Zubeida.

elizabeth taylorqueen elizabeth 2

Left: Elizabeth Taylor, Right :Queen Elizabeth the second)

Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor was known for her collection of pearl jewelry, particularly her Sanfransisco grey peals, While Queen Elizabeth  has often been spotted wearing variations of the coveted ornament for important occasions. In fact for US first lady Michelle Obama, the pearls definitely bring the right blend of finesse and chic elegance.

michelle obama

(Above:MIchelle obama, wearning double strand pearl necklace paired with multiple pearl bracelets, classic yet innovative)

Getting your pearls right

Pearls come in different shapes like droplets, ovals, spheres and much more, thus giving scope for more variety and experimentation in style. Here are some tips which can help you to make a style statement with those pearl strands:

  •  Go classic: A strand of white pearls is not just timeless ,it  can be worn as quick fashion fix, while black pearls can be apt for a more subtle and regal look .
  • Bringing Vibrancy :If  you want to go for something more vibrant try shades of  pink, blue,green, champagne, grey and purplemulitcolored pearl necklace
  • The demure avant-garde :Choices with necklaces containing multiple strands of pearls with different sizes can be worn with garments having minimal embellishments. such as the little black dress or a saree with a simple border.

pearl 1

  • Be a head turner: Team up your multiple strands with bold pendants , this can range from vintage bows,to  traditional temple motif brooche, the list is just limitless.

pearl 2

(pearl necklace with a flower side pendant)

  • Be futuristic: Don’t just wear your pearl strands the conventional way, bring out the fashion icon from yourself. You can wear them as a slide sling or twist them around your wrist, thus giving the look of a chunky yet light bracelet.

pearl 3

(a necklace which can be  worn as a bracelet.)

  • Lastly Keep experimenting: Style is an extension of one’s personality, so team your pearls in a unique manner, keeping the basics pros  in mind.

3 thoughts on “Pearls, pearls, everywhere

  1. ksiebels21

    I totally agree! Pearls are always a good addition to an outfit and are very classy. They are something that will never go out of style and look cute with just about anything! 🙂

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