Odiya Jewelry: The Tribal style 1

While in my previous post I had given a few  insights into the  Tarakasi style of jewelry, the current  one gives an outlook about the tribal styles . As mentioned before Odisha is a place to explore for its diverse and unique art forms be it for style, music or textiles. The tribal jewelry comprises mail of ornaments made from brass, bell metal silver and white metals.  The style is predominantly worn by women from the tribal communities in regions like Phulbani, Dhenkanal and Koraput (Equally beautiful places for site seeing).

With about 62 tribes, there is a diverse range of designs which  make one look daring yet elegant. In this post we shall have a look at the coin  necklace style accessories worn by Kondo women.


The coin necklace comprise of  currency coins attached in a  metal rim. Most tribal girls wear these necklaces to signify their financial status. Some women wear coin rings as well. The necklace can be worn with a solid color  halter neck top or dress in fabrics like silk ,organza and chiffon. This can prove to be a great look for a casual weekend get together. The coin ring can add the right amount of panache to create a statement.

coin 5.001

At work the coin necklace can be worn with a polo neck top along with a printed skirt and a solid color scarf. An alternate look can be that of a breton stripe mid length dress with a contrasting blazer . This can bring out the necklace in a subtle way, while making you look effortlessly stylish

coin necklace.001

coin 2.001


The coin necklace can create a statement at a summer pool/ beach party. A halter neck bikini teamed with a crotechet pair of  hot pants or a beach tunic can give the elegant and exotic look. Solid bright colored bikini or crop tops like that of orange are recommended, as this  can bring out the beauty of the coin necklace.Barefoot sandals of a contrasting color along with big shades help to give accentuate the style of a beach fashionista.

coin 4.001


The coin necklace can also be worn around the head as a statement piece with either open hair or that of  a fish style plait. This can go well within adorned with pin on a neatly coiled bun.if you are not a necklace person you can wrap the necklace in two strands around your wrist , or even your arm thus giving the feel of an armlet.

The jewelry piece is indeed for those who want to have the rarest , yet most versatile of accessories in their personal collection.Coin style necklaces have been trending for a while now , with popular fashion brands bringing the style to the masses. The next post shall give some insights to another style of exotic accessories along with a range of looks to try out.











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