Bidri Style Jewelry

Bidri is a form of artwork, which can traces its origin from Bidar Village in karnataka during the 14th century. The work is known for depicting the striking contrast of  the colors silver and black. The art consists of metal ware made from an alloy of Zinc (94%)and Copper (6%).

Popular even in regions of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, the art in itself has quite a few variations in terms of metal contrasts and motifs used.

Over time apart from decorative mantel pieces bidri artisans have gone on to make accessories like bangles, pendants, necklaces and earrings. For a jewelry enthusiast like me it always a treat to explore a new style during my travels, such was the experience when  I went to explore the bidri art form during a field trip in South India.

Below are a few looks which can be incorporated into your wardrobe:

The client lunch look:

If you have client lunch, what can be better that a solid colored jacket, a well fitted black and white pencil skirt with colored block pumps . The look is complemented with a circular pendant style bidri necklace and stud earrings.

If you believe bold jewelry can’t be worn to work your are wrong, the key is bringing in the right balance. Believe with the subtle yet striking composition of birder jewelry you will give an impression to be a well balanced woman who has style and intelligence!

bidri 1.001

The all day look:

This look is meant if you have fully packed schedule from day to night, which means like a day full of work and an evening party. You have not time to change.

A black and white printed dress can go well with a pair of small sized  bidri danglers , a pendant and  a bold bird bracelet. Subtle colored block pumps again can bring a hint of brightness, with soberness to the ensemble.

bidri 3.001

The work annual party look:

If you are a vivacious person who loves color, then the bidri style of jewelry is perfect for you. For your work annual party go for pleated solid colored garment like orange and contrasting color pair of formal shoes.Compliment it with bidri bangles and a delicate neckpiece, you will be the classic diva of the night.

bidri 3.002

The regular office day work:

If you are trouser’s girl, the bird style is meant for you. Go for a pin stripe shirt and team them with bidri cufflinks and a high waisted trouser. To give more variety to your look you can try small diamond shaped bird earnings, and solid colored pumps. For your hair a bird clip with a pony tail or neatly cropped bun, can help give a bold feminine touch.


The full weekend party look:

Some of us have multiple parties to attend on a weekend at times, and all of want to be noticed in them. For your all day party look go for a pair of black peplum hot pants, a black and white crop top paired with a yellow jacket. Team this outfit with a birdie choker necklace, gladiator heels and vintage glasses.

For your hair try a nice a high bun, the style can be made as per your face cut.

bidri yellow.001

I am sure with these outfit looks you are definitely interested to explore bird jewelry. So go out and look for bidri jewelry, and embrace your personal style with it.





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