Navratna: The Nine Gem wonder

Navratna is a sanskrit word for nine gems. The neckpiece is made of 9 different gems. I remember always being in awe of my grandmother’s navratna necklace, comprising of gems from a ruby to the elegant pearl.

Considered to be one of the most auspicious jewelry pieces, the composition is indeed a personification of the solar system. The ruby being the center piece represents the sun, while the pearl represents the natural satellite moon.Below is a pictorial depiction of a Navratna necklace with the nine gems and the planets they symbolize.


The necklace and jewelry compositions indeed represent a solar systemRuby for sun, Pearl for Moon, Red coral for Mars, emerald for Mercury, Diamond for venus, Yellow Sapphire for Jupiter, Diamond for venus, Blue Sapphire for Shanni, Hesonnite fort he ascending node of the moon also called Rahu, Cat’s eye for Ketu ,The descending node of the moon.

The Navratna concept has been  applied not just to pendants and rings but also for earrings, beaded chains, danglers, bracelets and armlets. Below are a few looks which you can try with your vibrant Navratna Jewelry.

The Jumpsuit look: This look goes well with solid color jump suits with neat cuts and  heals with a hint of gold. Navratna earrings from studs to heavy long earrings can be  adorned along with a thin bracelet . The hearing can chosen based on your face cut.A gold belt can be worn to accentuate the cut of the jumpsuit.


The color block look: Dresses  with different color blocking styles can be worn with Navratna Jewelry to give the right balance of vibrancy without being giddy. The type of accessories depend on the neckline and cut of the garment as well.


The casual party look: If you are on a cruise party choose a pair of hoop shaped Navratna earrings with a well fitted  solid color crop top and complimentary palazzo pants. Gold beach slippers help to give the final touch of the casual luxe look.


The Big City it girl: This  big city girl is always on the go and needs effortlessly stylish. To get the look go for a cropped turtle neck top, boots, a colorful mid wasted skirt accompanied with either a navratna bead necklace, small danglers or a classic navrtana bracelet.


The summer gala part girl: Who says traditional earrings cannot go well with western outfits. If you have a summer part and want to make a statement , drape one of your halter maxi dresses , coil your hair into a bun and accompany the look with long navratna earrings.

For your make up don heavy kohl eyes, nude lips with minimal rouge.


Hopefully this blog gave some insights on how you can try out your navratna jewelry for different occasions and looks. Style is about getting the best from you have and what can better than a family navratna jewelry piece.




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