Bidri Style Jewelry

Bidri is a form of artwork, which can traces its origin from Bidar Village in karnataka during the 14th century. The work is known for depicting the striking contrast of  the colors silver and black. The art consists of metal ware made from an alloy of Zinc (94%)and Copper (6%).

Popular even in regions of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, the art in itself has quite a few variations in terms of metal contrasts and motifs used.

Over time apart from decorative mantel pieces bidri artisans have gone on to make accessories like bangles, pendants, necklaces and earrings. For a jewelry enthusiast like me it always a treat to explore a new style during my travels, such was the experience when  I went to explore the bidri art form during a field trip in South India.

Below are a few looks which can be incorporated into your wardrobe:

The client lunch look:

If you have client lunch, what can be better that a solid colored jacket, a well fitted black and white pencil skirt with colored block pumps . The look is complemented with a circular pendant style bidri necklace and stud earrings.

If you believe bold jewelry can’t be worn to work your are wrong, the key is bringing in the right balance. Believe with the subtle yet striking composition of birder jewelry you will give an impression to be a well balanced woman who has style and intelligence!

bidri 1.001

The all day look:

This look is meant if you have fully packed schedule from day to night, which means like a day full of work and an evening party. You have not time to change.

A black and white printed dress can go well with a pair of small sized  bidri danglers , a pendant and  a bold bird bracelet. Subtle colored block pumps again can bring a hint of brightness, with soberness to the ensemble.

bidri 3.001

The work annual party look:

If you are a vivacious person who loves color, then the bidri style of jewelry is perfect for you. For your work annual party go for pleated solid colored garment like orange and contrasting color pair of formal shoes.Compliment it with bidri bangles and a delicate neckpiece, you will be the classic diva of the night.

bidri 3.002

The regular office day work:

If you are trouser’s girl, the bird style is meant for you. Go for a pin stripe shirt and team them with bidri cufflinks and a high waisted trouser. To give more variety to your look you can try small diamond shaped bird earnings, and solid colored pumps. For your hair a bird clip with a pony tail or neatly cropped bun, can help give a bold feminine touch.


The full weekend party look:

Some of us have multiple parties to attend on a weekend at times, and all of want to be noticed in them. For your all day party look go for a pair of black peplum hot pants, a black and white crop top paired with a yellow jacket. Team this outfit with a birdie choker necklace, gladiator heels and vintage glasses.

For your hair try a nice a high bun, the style can be made as per your face cut.

bidri yellow.001

I am sure with these outfit looks you are definitely interested to explore bird jewelry. So go out and look for bidri jewelry, and embrace your personal style with it.





Odiya Jewelry: The Tribal style 1

While in my previous post I had given a few  insights into the  Tarakasi style of jewelry, the current  one gives an outlook about the tribal styles . As mentioned before Odisha is a place to explore for its diverse and unique art forms be it for style, music or textiles. The tribal jewelry comprises mail of ornaments made from brass, bell metal silver and white metals.  The style is predominantly worn by women from the tribal communities in regions like Phulbani, Dhenkanal and Koraput (Equally beautiful places for site seeing).

With about 62 tribes, there is a diverse range of designs which  make one look daring yet elegant. In this post we shall have a look at the coin  necklace style accessories worn by Kondo women.


The coin necklace comprise of  currency coins attached in a  metal rim. Most tribal girls wear these necklaces to signify their financial status. Some women wear coin rings as well. The necklace can be worn with a solid color  halter neck top or dress in fabrics like silk ,organza and chiffon. This can prove to be a great look for a casual weekend get together. The coin ring can add the right amount of panache to create a statement.

coin 5.001

At work the coin necklace can be worn with a polo neck top along with a printed skirt and a solid color scarf. An alternate look can be that of a breton stripe mid length dress with a contrasting blazer . This can bring out the necklace in a subtle way, while making you look effortlessly stylish

coin necklace.001

coin 2.001


The coin necklace can create a statement at a summer pool/ beach party. A halter neck bikini teamed with a crotechet pair of  hot pants or a beach tunic can give the elegant and exotic look. Solid bright colored bikini or crop tops like that of orange are recommended, as this  can bring out the beauty of the coin necklace.Barefoot sandals of a contrasting color along with big shades help to give accentuate the style of a beach fashionista.

coin 4.001


The coin necklace can also be worn around the head as a statement piece with either open hair or that of  a fish style plait. This can go well within adorned with pin on a neatly coiled bun.if you are not a necklace person you can wrap the necklace in two strands around your wrist , or even your arm thus giving the feel of an armlet.

The jewelry piece is indeed for those who want to have the rarest , yet most versatile of accessories in their personal collection.Coin style necklaces have been trending for a while now , with popular fashion brands bringing the style to the masses. The next post shall give some insights to another style of exotic accessories along with a range of looks to try out.










Oriya Jewelry: Tarakasi

If there is a place on earth which has untapped inspiration for fashion and style its Orissa, located on the eastern part of India. The silver jewelry else known as Tarakasi  is an accessory style to explore with a wide range of outfits.

The motifs used in this style are  inspired by the surrounding flora and fauna and from the carvings of the Sun Temple at Konark (A famous heritage spot). The accessories vary from earnings and long chains to pendant sets and waists bests.

Brooches, hairpins and anklets with semiprecious stones are also quite popular choices to go for.

Below are some suggested looks for incorporating these exquisite pieces into your wardrobe:

The corporate look:

A lot of women are incorporating minimal bold jewelry or accessory look for the office. You can go for the stud flower style silver earrings  and pendant set , with your classic white shirt or blouse paired with a jacket and solid colored trousers. If you are not an eating fan and love to wear printed blouses or shirts try the silver bracelet.

If you have a casual Friday look , circular danglers are a good option. Danglers can give a character to your face, especially when you do not have the perfect makeup.

style look 3

The classic LBD look:

The LBD is meant for accessories particularly the delicate silver Tarakasi earrings. The type of hearing style chosen does also depend upon the cut and style of the dress. For a low V neck belted black dress, long danglers go best. If you are wearing an off shoulder dress, a bold neck e piece might do the trick. Even better if you have good collarbones and are have hassles with ear pieces, go for the Tarakasi clutch bag.


The lunch with friends look:


The lunch with friends look, means an avenue for self style innovation. If you have a garment which comprises a blocking of solids and prints try a delicate floral motif necklace set.

If your garment has heavy prints go for earpieces, rings, a bold pendant or a combination of the above. You can mix and match, to get the right look complementing your garment.

The next post shall consist of another style of unexplored Oriya jewelry that can be worn with a wide array of outfits.




Pearls, pearls, everywhere

pearl titlepealy

If you want to make a statement with jewelry, there is nothing better than a string of pearls. Probably one of the most  popular adornment pieces in the world, pearl necklaces have been worn in different styles, with a reflection of influences from different cultures and civilizations. Pearl necklaces were more than just a style statement, rather they were even looked upon as symbols of opulence, class and rank. European women were known to adorn themselves with pearl necklaces of different lengths, from the classic choker size to that of the long pearl rope and opera styles.  In India heavy necklaces comprising strands of pearls were carried of both by men and women with equal panache.  Malabar royalty would be sported with a unique type of necklace combining a strand of about 104 rubies with pearls of different shapes. The pearl necklace was in fact an important wedding accessory for most brides of Maratha realm.

indian pearl necklace (An Indian style pearl necklace, set  with emeralds and rubies)

Many fashion icons  have embraced the pearl necklace with personal style aesthetics. During the 1940s and 1960s, the pearl necklace trend  had embarked an evolution of fusion. One of the most renowned style icons to have blended western aesthetics   of the pearl necklace with Indian attire, was Maharani Gayatri  Devi, thus coming in parallel with Coco channel.

gayatridevi(A picture of Maharani Gayatri Devi)

coco channel(Coco Channel in her signature LBD adorn with a multiple pearl strand necklace)

Often cited as one of the most beautiful women of her era, the Maharani would pair a strand of pearls with her French chiffon sarees.  This look went on to be a classic look , followed the contemporary Indian women for times to come .It also  served as the inspiration for Karishma kapoor in the movie Zubeida.

elizabeth taylorqueen elizabeth 2

Left: Elizabeth Taylor, Right :Queen Elizabeth the second)

Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor was known for her collection of pearl jewelry, particularly her Sanfransisco grey peals, While Queen Elizabeth  has often been spotted wearing variations of the coveted ornament for important occasions. In fact for US first lady Michelle Obama, the pearls definitely bring the right blend of finesse and chic elegance.

michelle obama

(Above:MIchelle obama, wearning double strand pearl necklace paired with multiple pearl bracelets, classic yet innovative)

Getting your pearls right

Pearls come in different shapes like droplets, ovals, spheres and much more, thus giving scope for more variety and experimentation in style. Here are some tips which can help you to make a style statement with those pearl strands:

  •  Go classic: A strand of white pearls is not just timeless ,it  can be worn as quick fashion fix, while black pearls can be apt for a more subtle and regal look .
  • Bringing Vibrancy :If  you want to go for something more vibrant try shades of  pink, blue,green, champagne, grey and purplemulitcolored pearl necklace
  • The demure avant-garde :Choices with necklaces containing multiple strands of pearls with different sizes can be worn with garments having minimal embellishments. such as the little black dress or a saree with a simple border.

pearl 1

  • Be a head turner: Team up your multiple strands with bold pendants , this can range from vintage bows,to  traditional temple motif brooche, the list is just limitless.

pearl 2

(pearl necklace with a flower side pendant)

  • Be futuristic: Don’t just wear your pearl strands the conventional way, bring out the fashion icon from yourself. You can wear them as a slide sling or twist them around your wrist, thus giving the look of a chunky yet light bracelet.

pearl 3

(a necklace which can be  worn as a bracelet.)

  • Lastly Keep experimenting: Style is an extension of one’s personality, so team your pearls in a unique manner, keeping the basics pros  in mind.

Your valentine dress code

ImageYour valentine dress code:

In a fix, to decide what to wear for your special valentine’s date. Well you have to get stuck with the option of a bright red dress. Here are some dress up tips which can help you create an impact with a twist, on that special rendezvous.
    • Rose based floral prints: Roses are a big trend associated with the valentine’s day occasion, and what can better than having them as a part of a floral print on dresses, princess cut tops , scarves or shrugs.  Famous celebs who  adopted the trend including four weddings and a funeral star Andie Mc Dowel, who was recently scene donning a Burberry printed dress teamed with a fuchsia trench coat, definitely proved that the trend is not only in vogue, but one to be adapted by different age groups.
    • Go for the spectrum of red and pink: If you want to go for a solid color option, rather than prints try shades of baby pink, wine, pastel red, maroon and brick pink. These colors are not only subtle, but give more scope for accessorizing as well. Dull shades can look good for dresses with daring cuts and unique textures of pleats, pin ticks and smocking.
    • Bring the red to other aspects of clothing: Who said that the celebrated color of love had to be a part of your dress only ? You can team up you classic LBD with red pumps or a pink belt. Heart shaped inspired clutches, bracelets, brooches and earrings can also bring the right amount of panache to a basic regular attire be it a simple tee and pair of jeans to formal work wear.

Ralph Lauren printed rose floral scarf from my wardrobe


Left Below ( A ruby encrusted heart shaped  brooche) Right (Solid red pump)


Below (Self designed  wine shade dress with cotton silk fabric)